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Learning English Abroad

If you not only want to learn a language well but also have every opportunity to use your new knowledge and, within a very short period of time, become confident and use the language without any inhibitions, then learning a language abroad is the answer!

Learning English in Oxford

Our partner school in Oxford provides transformational group and individual tuition for outcome-focused, ambitious learners who are the future influential global communicators.

This wonderful school in Oxford is renowned for their academic excellence provided within a social environment, giving you more than just English linguistics, but the cultural fluency, life skills and confidence you need on which to build your future success and become international.

In Oxford, they are the lead provider of Academic Excellence and the oldest language school in the City. Since they were established in 1953, they have been dedicated to providing life-changing English.

Language experiences for the ambitious and professional

As our partner school, all students who book through us will receive a 10% discount. Please see programmes opposite:

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