management courses

Management and Specialist Seminars

Lower Level – Successful Emails in English for Business Upper Level – No more fear of telephoning in English Upper Level – Successful Emails in English for Business Dates: 11./18.01.2018 …

personal training

Personal Language Coaching

With the traffic light system, both you and your trainer keep sight of your goals and work towards them step-by-step, changing and adapting or adding to them as you go …


LCF Flexi Courses

We have the answer: Language Center Flexicourses (LCF) There are still places on the following LCF Courses for Spring 2017: Registration form Starting again in autumn!  

language choose

Language selection

The language selection depends on what you need the language for and whether the main language you will be using is different from the one spoken in that particular country. …

babble time

Babble Time + Conversation Courses

  ‘Babbeln’ or ‘to babble’… What does that mean?   It simply means talk, talk, talk. The perfect opportunity to practise your spoken English for ca. 60 minutes non-stop!!! AND …


Business German & Business English

******************************************************************************************** Although business is done differently all over the world, the general topics are similar. You will need to be able to In some jobs you won’t need all of …