German Intensive Courses

Why is a German Intensive Course important to you?

Do you want to learn German as quickly as possible and then be able to use it a.s.a.p? Then join one of our German Intensive Courses in Erlangen. In just 9-12 months you will be able to speak fluently or be good enough to pass the DSH or the TestDaF examinations and study in Germany

The German Intensive Courses – Fast and good

Our German intensive courses programme was developed for participants / language students who want to learn the most in the shortest possible time. In order to get just that effect, we offer courses with 25-30 lessons per week (or according to the customer’s wishes in one-to-one or company courses). The programme contains skills such as reading and writing, as well as speaking and understanding and, of course, aspects of grammar and pronunciation, learning expressions and idioms and last but not least expanding vocabulary. The wishes of the students are taken into account. If you then start to dream at night in the foreign language, it is certainly a good sign.

The A1 – C2 levels in the German Intensive Courses correspond to the levels of the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) for languages of the European council for learning, teaching and assessment.

Details on the German Intensive Courses (also as preparation for the DSH)

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Level A1

Short simple statement about yourself and your life
Understanding questions and instructions given in simple language with simple structures
Making simple sentences
Short statements with details about yourself
Grammar: e.g. sentence structure, conjugation, declination, verbs, strong and weak verbs, modal verbs, imperative, dative and accusative.

Level A2

Simple dialogs based on known language structures
Exchanging information about known facts and common subjects in routine situations
Understanding simple information about people and their situations in life
Understanding simple reading texts (letters, emails, invitations, instructions, timetables, brochures, etc.)
Creating short texts (emails, faxes, short notes) based on sample texts and language structures
Grammar: e.g. clauses, more tenses, genitive, declining adjective and comparatives, reflexive verbs

Level B1

Dialogs covering daily topics, hobbies, work, sports and things about daily life in that country
Listening and reading comprehensions taken from personal experience
Creating/writing short texts on familiar subjects (text production)
Varying styles of writing for reports and texts on complex themes
Chairing meetings and negotiations
Easy understanding of listening and reading texts on any kind of subject
Expressing opinions
Grammar: e.g.: Constructing participles, gerunds, passive voice, conjunctive I, future I and future II expressing predictions, modal verbs for objective and subjective subjects

Level B2

Capabilities for expressing yourself both orally and in writing
Expressing further opinions
Understanding complex information
Written and oral language knowledge in all daily work situations
Creating standard formal letters
Understanding complex oral and written information and simple newspaper texts
Explaning geographic visuals
Developing and presenting short presentations
Grammar: e.g.: Construction of participles, gerunds, conjunctive I, future I and future II expressing predictions, modal verbs for objective and subjective subjects

Level C1

Capabilities for expressing oneself correctly both orally and in writing on varying themes and work-related topics
Understanding on an extremely complicated level
Increasing capabilities needed to create complex texts without any help
Understanding reports, documentaries, explanations and specialist articles in newspapers and magazines in detail
Clear and factual evaluations of graphical materials (text production)
Making longer and more detailed presentations (topic of your choice)
Grammar: e.g.: participle clauses, appositionen, methaphors, complex structures such as theoretical/unreal comparitive sentences and alternative conditionals, etc.


Level C2:

Flexible handling of varying language means
Effortless switching from one language to another
Being able to differentiate between standard and other forms of the language
Successful handling of difficult texts (specialized texts)
Any kind of correspondence
Being able to create/write texts with varying styles for reports and on other complex topics
Chairing meetings and negotiations
Preparation for the “Deutsch Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerber (DSH)” – the entrance exam for the universities which ascertains whether the student has a high enough level of language to attend the courses. The German Intensive Courses at the Language Center prepare you for the DSH, all the Goethe institute exams, the citizenship test and just simple to help you learn German as quickly as possible

8:30 – 13:00 h / Mon.-Fri.
= 25 teaching hours / week
Price: € 497.- / month (complete month) incl. course materials/books, additional breaks taken together, internal exams and certificates, as well as personal consulting by experienced trainers and admin staff
8:30 – 13:00 h / Mon.-Fri.
= 25 teaching hours / week
Price: € 417.- / month (complete month) incl. course materials/books, additional breaks taken together, internal exams and certificates, as well as personal consulting by
Further information regarding the German Intensive courses

To issue you with confirmation letter of registration on a Language Center course in order to apply for a visa, please provide us with a completed registration form, a copy of your passport, a copy of anything proving your level of German or a copy of our level test. In addition the course fees for the first month together with the registration fee of 29 Euros and a handling fee of 39 Euros for visa are to be paid in advance (should you not be successful in getting a visa (refusal letter from the consulate/embassy necessary), the course fees paid minus the registration fee will be reimbursed and the handling fee. To qualify for the student rate, we need proof of your student status, e.g. acceptance letter from a German university.

Are you a complete or “false” beginner?
The A1 course begins every first Monday in the month at 09:00 h (except if the Monday falls on a public holiday). For this course, you need no prior knowledge (and, of course, you don’t need to fill out a level test). If you know just a minimum amount of German, we still recommend you joining this first course in our German Intensive Course programme as progress within the course is extremely fast. The books for the course can be bought at the Language Center.

Language used to teach you / Times of courses and breaks
In the German Intensive Courses German structures and vocabulary are used from day one onwards. The language your course is taught in is German. Usually there are many different nationalities in your own course and this means that you have no one common language. After just a short time you will find yourself understanding and speaking German. Of course, our trainers in the German intensive courses do speak a number of other languages and can often help out in a different language.
The lower level courses generally take place in the morning and the higher courses, such as C1, often take place in the afternoon. In the common break times, everyone has a chance to meet students from other courses, exchange information or simply make friends!

At the end of each level (every 2 months) there is an internal exam. To pass this exam and therefore continue to the next level, you are required to get a pass rate of 67%. If you do not reach this level, we recommend you to take the exam again or to repeat some of the previous course again.

The German Intensive courses also prepare you for the “DSH” university language entrance exam and for all the Goethe Institute certificates. We also prepare you for the citizens test.

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    Course levels

    A1-C2 according to the CEFR

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    Size of Groups

    6-12 Participants

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    Length of Course

    25 teaching hours per week (1 hour = 45 minutes)100 teaching hours per month (Exception: For courses with less than 6 participants)

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    8:30 – 13:00 h or 13:00 – 17:15 h (afternoons not always available)

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    Course fees

    Standard: € 497 per month incl. Course materials, Student*: €417 per month incl. course materials*only with proof of student statusRegistration fee: € 29

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    We have exams at the end of each level, i.e. after 2 months

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    Joining the course

    Join the course at any time – except for A1 (total beginners).A1 courses start on the first working day of each month

Our German intensive courses (German as a foreign language) are offered at six different levels (A1-C2) and are designed as steps from one level to another. You have the possibility of becoming extremely fluent in 9-12 months, enough to pass the DSH language test for students wishing to study at the university. Students/participants can also come for lesser periods of time who already have some knowledge of German can join one of the more advanced classes at any time to improve their existing German for their jobs or simply to live here in Germany (your level will be tested).

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