FAQ's – German as a foreign language

German as a foreign language

How can I apply for a language visa

We can issue you with a confirmation letter of registration on a Language Center course in order to apply for a visa, if you provide us with a completed registration form, a copy of your passport, a copy of anything proving your level of German or a copy of our level test. In addition the course fees for the first month together with the registration fee of 29 Euros and a handling fee of 39 Euros for handling the visa application letter are to be paid in advance.
What happens to the money already paid if the visa is refused

In order to refund your money should your application for a visa be refused, we require a copy of the letter from the consulate/embassy stating that the visa has been refused. Your money will be refunded as long as you request the refund BEFORE the starting date of your course as mentioned in the letter of confirmation from the Language Center. Requests for refunds referring to courses with a starting date prior to the date of the request cannot be refunded as with your payment your place on the course has been firmly booked. Registration fees and visa handling fees cannot be refunded.

Are there any costs for your visa support?

Minimum requirements for a visa are the course fees for the first month of the intensive course together with the registration fee of 29 Euros and a handling fee of 39 Euros for visa are to be paid in advance.

How long does it take to get the visa?

Submit your application early enough! Visa processing can take several months and you won’t be able to enter the country without a valid visa. For more information about visa requirements, please contact the German embassy or German consulate in your home country.

For more information, please click here
Which level do I need to enter university?

In general universities in German require a CEFR level of B2/C1 but as this may differ from university to university, it’s best to inquire directly at the university of your choice about the language requirements for incoming students. The language test for entrance to the universities acts as proof of your level, so you will be required to apply to the university of your choice to take the DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH) = German language test for entrance to the university)

You can find more information about this process by clicking the following links:

Do you offer telc examinations, TestDaF or DSH?

Our German Intensive courses not only prepare you for the “DSH” university language entrance exam but for all the Goethe Institute certificates, for the telc exams (the Language Center is an official telc examination center), for TestDaF as well as for the citizens test.

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When can I join the course?

Join the course at any time – except for A1 (total beginners). A1 courses start on the first weekday of each month (except in the case of a month with public holidays – the first course day will then be the first weekday following the holiday).
If you can already speak some German or have been studying for a while, take our test and start your course today (according to availability of places).
Places on the course are limited so you are advised to book as early as you can.

Do I need to take a Language Center level test?

We ask you to take our online language test, even if you have a certificate of your level. This enables us to ascertain your level at the time of application. We thank you for your understanding.

Please click here to take the test.

German Intensive Courses

Our intensive courses are 25 teaching hours/units per week (20 day per month / 100 TU per month). It takes 2 months to finish one level. The courses are offer as half a level per month, i.e. A1.1 and A1.2 = A1.

Evening classes

In our evening courses with 6 hours per week, it takes 6 months to reach one level.

Is there a test at the end of each level?

We offer a range of exams during the year (including external exams through “telc” (The European Language Certificates). In addition, we have internal exams at the end of each level, which need to be passed to ensure the quality and help you to progress.

These exams can be taken by external students at a charge.

What are the costs of the German intensive course?

Our German intensive courses with 25 units per week cost for one month EUR 478,- and EUR 398,- for students (university proof necessary). The registration fee is EUR 29,-.

The German Intensive Courses are 100 hours per month.

What kind of German courses does the Language Center offer in the evening?

There are various German evening courses. Please click here for more information.

Do I have to buy the books myself or can I buy them at the Language Center?

Books are not included in the course fees as some people already own the books they need but you can buy the books for your course at the Language Center.

Depending on the course, there may be a small charge for copies (you will be informed by our admin team).

How can I register for a course?

You can register for a course online, via post mail or in person. Our offices are open from 08.15 h to 17.30 h and level tests are done from 13.00 h to 16.00 h.

Your place on the course can be confirmed as soon as at least one month’s course fees are received by the Language Center (according to availability of places).

If you wish to apply/register online, please click here.

What are the fees for the telc exam?

Depending on the level, the fees vary between 100 EUR and 150 EUR (LCE students get an reduction).

Is there a preaparation course for telc?

We offer preparation courses for telc, too. Please ask our staff for more information.


When do I have to pay for my course?

The course fees are due before the start of your course. If you decide to join a course spontaneously, as long as there is a space on the course you need you can pay on the first day at the center either per credit card, direct debit or in cash.

If you need our bank details, please ask our admin staff or see the invoice you will receive for the first month(s) training.

Please always quote the invoice no. when payments are made. Thank you.

Please do not pay before receiving your invoice as we will not be able to assign the payment to the course and to your person.

How can I get the special student rate?

To receive the student price we need a valid student card from a university (Germany or anywhere else) or an acceptance letter from a German university.

You also get the rate if you just graduated (not longer than 6 months ago).

Can I try one of the lessons at the Language Center?

Yes, of course. We invite you to try a course day (normally 5 TU) to see if you like the way we teach – if you decide to stay with us, the costs of the first day will be integrated in your invoice. If you decide not to stay in the course, there will be no costs for you.

There is normally the chance to also try out a higher or lower level or change if you do not feel happy with the level.

Where do the students come from ?

At the last count, there were 35 different nationalities studying in the German Intensive courses – this means, you may not have anyone from your country in your class, but you will make friends very quickly and use German as a language to communicate!

Who are the students?

The main groups of students are a) students who want to study at a German university, b) wives and husbands or partners of delegates who have been sent to Germany or have come here for a new job, c) people who want to learn German well and quickly to get a job here and settle down.

Can I take part in the course for just a few weeks?

You can certainly join the intensive course according to your level just for a short time, it will be invoiced accordingly.

How long will it take to get to a high level of fluency?

Most of our students have a level of German high enough to be accepted for a course at the university, e.g. to study medicine, law or engineering) after 9-10 months. They started as total beginners!

The number of students who studied with the Language Center and are now studying at German universities or are now actually lawyers, engineers and doctors ist extremely high.

How long will it take to be competent enough to talk to neighbours or communicate with the authorities?

We would recommend taking the course for 3-6 months. You should start talking in German after approximately 1 month.